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Welcome on the site of PROSUDWEB, company located in La Cadière d'Azur (83) in the Var in Provence. We are specialized in the wholesale of olive wood products (for Wholesalers, Retailers, Resellers ...).

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Selected articles are worked individually with a requirement of QUALITY and made in Tunisia under the brand "". Our craft products are then distributed by our commercial services located in La Cadière d'Azur in the Var (83).


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Idée cadeau Coupe à fruits anses ref.461

The olive tree (Olea)


Tree 4 to 10 meters high, with a gnarled trunk,

growing very slowly (the olive tree can reach

centuries and beyond the millennium).

Leaves persistent, coriaceous, lanceolate,

gray-green-silvery above, silky white underneath.

Flowers small, greenish-yellow, in small clusters.

The fruits are green then black when ripe.

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